måndag 4 juni 2018

Czon, Soho Malaga, Streetart, Obey, Space invader & more

Went to Malaga and Soho around CAC to see some of today absolute biggest streetartist'z. Also did some beloved mocking with a ❤ for Obey ( #obeygiant ), Space Invader ( #invaderwashere ), D'face, Roa and all of the others.
Managed to do 4pieces of streetart with my comic/streetart heroine and icon Underground Grrrl (since 2012).

You can find them around Cac and also in central Malaga.

When we were doing an tribute to Invader's Santa Maria the cop busted us and keept our streetart sign with UG Grrrl playing guitar in an flamenco dress.

Lucky them 🤘👽🤘
See yah soon again Malaga.

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