fredag 17 maj 2019

Czon, Utställning / Exhibit - Sierra Espuna Sanatorium

Ok, here we go !
Vi kör en fri utställning för alla konstälskare i det legendariska Sierra Espuna sanatoriet i Murcia.
Har arbetat hårt på denna utställningen och den är helt gratis för alla besökare.
Måste varna att inträde till området är farlig och det är en övergiven byggnad med allt vad det innebär. Givetvis får ni möte sanatoriets mest kända kvinnliga spöke den vita damen.

Yesterday we took over the haunted Sierra Espuna Sanatorium in the Murcia region of Spain to create an free art exhibit for all who wants or dare to go there
Today and for at least this summer it will be open 24/7.
We have filled the place with art on the first level; from the headentrance, walk in, turn right and it starts there🖤
Guess there is about 100 limited prints glued on wall by Czon's tean Underground.
Some art has been created in this sanatorium as an hommage to the history and memories on this location with supernaturals and ghost as the white lady wandering thoose buildings)
Also many other twilight-tales from Murcia and Spanish myths and legends from all around.
(abandoned Villa Mendez-Librilla, minas de Mazarron, "la chika de curve", "Veronica", Witches from Trasmoz, Zugarrmurdi, Valencia and much more.)
The exhibit is totally free of charge if you dare to go ❤
Welcome / Czon & Underground.
Ps. Be careful inside the building cause in some areas it is more like ruins and can be dangoures.

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